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The concept behind our earbuds

With experience from our work with another well-known brand from Sweden, we soon realized that the market was getting swamped with all kinds of earphones in all sorts of models and price ranges. As the headphone market grew, it became increasingly difficult for consumers to make their decisions and even more problematic to figure out what they really needed. Earphones and headphones tend to get more expensive and new models in elaborate designs were launched at an accelerating rate. Our straight forward and practical attitude when it comes to earphones means less money spent on the wrong earphones. Defunc concept caters to every need and every occasion.

Our earphones are designed in Sweden. Defunc tagline Simplifying Your Choice is referring to a design tradition that focuses on functionality and efficiency. We have a model for every occasion and function should always be the number one factor when customers choose their earphones. That’s why we have developed four distinct models. MUSIC, TALK, HYBRID and SPORT.

MUSIC is what you love. With that in mind, we chose a high-output driver to reproduce clean bass with low distortion, clear treble, and a balanced midrange housed in comfortable soft silicone in-ear plugs that provide the acoustic isolation good sound requires.

TALK is for when you want to prioritize conversations on the move. We went with a superior microphone and a less expensive driver. The hanger shape has the right balance of solid fit with less isolation than silicone plugs, making it optimal for conversations.

HYBRID is less of a compromise than it is the best of both worlds. The components are selected for a lush full-bodied sound and the clarity you need for talking. The plugs are designed for maximum comfort and the right balance of isolation for enjoying music and taking important calls.

SPORT is like the Hybrid but with an even more secure fit. Made for rigorous activities such as running, the interchangeable wing comes in three sizes to ensure the perfect fit for your ears. We’ve also added IPX4-grade water resistance. The ultimate multi-tasker to keep you entertained and in-touch whether you’re at the gym or enjoying nature.

Each of the four models comes in four colors and is offered in two price ranges – PLUS and GO. We also offer MUSIC, TALK, and HYBRID models in our lowest price range BASIC. If you want to go wireless, choose our PLUS Bluetooth model.